The System

The Closed Coke Slurry System
The Benefits
  • State-of-the-art design for zero-dust-coker, VOC- & steam-releases
  • Fluidized operation – similar to many refining processes
  • Effective fines- & water-management/no silt disposal
  • Unparalleled system reliability (98+%) through unique design features & material selection
  • Low manpower requirements through instrumentation & logic control features
  • Flexible to suit retrofitting and grassroots coker
Quench Cycle Drum Decoking + Coke Dewatering Dewatering Cycle
Quench Cycle Drum Decoking + Coke Dewatering Dewatering Cycle
Unique system components provide safe and reliable operation

Crusher with shute (proprietary design)

  • Double roll with independent direct drive
  • Fully automatic operation through DCS architecture
  • Roll dimensions / teeth pattern developed for peak- & impact loads
  • Dedicated crusher for each drum is recommended
  • Unlimited swallow capacity for any cutting rates & coke quality
  • Crushing ratio 10:1 e.g. 1.000 mm To 100 mm ; 40" To 4" resp.
  • Triple casing material combination for long life cycle - overall wall thickness 2"
  • Safe Operation: shute hydraulically raised and automatically docked to drum flange or bottom valve

Slurry Pump

  • Special design for "Ultra Low NPSH" operating conditions
  • Unique material selection for extended life cycle

Closed Slurry Pipe

  • Special design for optimum slurry fluidization - non clogging -
  • Design is a function of velocity, layout and experience - non trench type -
  • Special material selection and construction for extended life cycle

Dewatering Bins (proprietary design)

  • Fast and efficient entrainment through…
  • Pure gravity flow – no movable devices
  • Screen design with maximum surface arrangement
  • Cone section fully perforated for uniform dewatering of wet feet
  • Overall short travel distance for free water entrainment
  • more than 6 years uninterrupted operation
  • more than 99,5% fines retainment in coke bed

Typical Cycle Schedule (2 Drum Unit – 1.000 to Coke/Drum)

Typical Cycle Schedule
How will the Closed Coke Slurry System be implemented?

Retrofitting e.g. replacement for open pit

  • Suitable for multi-drum coker
  • Layout planning/equipment installation by considering the than idle coke pit
  • Revamp time/implementation within scheduled envelope for coker turnaround
Capital Projects

Early involvement into planning phase allows smooth approval procedures with authorities, substantial capital cost savings and economic improvements upfront

  • Eases authorities concerns during project approval phase
  • Streamlined cycle design enables shorter cycle time
  • Shorter payout period with high unit reliability (98+%)
  • Substantial reduction of planned manpower
  • Omission of investment in pit and overhead cranes
  • Lower structure elevation/less steelwork
Main advantages of the CCS-System at a glance

Workers Health/Inherent Hazards/Workplace Safety and Environment

  • The CCS-System eliminates concerns from EPA/OSHA, local authorities, environmental agencies or other sources
  • Constitutes Benchmark Process as 'Best Available Technique (BAT) for Mineral Oil Refineries' according to European EEU Directive 2008/1/EC: 'Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control'

State-Of-The-Art Process

  • Reference unit for zero-zust coke handling and equipment reliability (98+%) for years to come


  • Minimum manpower through instrumentation with logic steps
  • High workers acceptance to similarities with other refining processes

Fines & Sludge handling

  • Efficient separation and removal of fines (no external silt) to produce excellent cutting water quality by extended equipment life cycle


  • Unique proprietary material selection and combination for trouble free, uninterrupted operation between planned turnarounds
  • Reference unit in continuous operation for 6 years
Experience facts on an existing unit with over 6 years operation
  • No field operators
  • No maintenance – only inspection for the crusher lube oil unit
  • 6 years operation equivalent to 3.000 cycles
  • 1.000 to of petrol coke per cycle
  • No deterioration in the cutting water pump performance
  • No corrosion and erosion in the total CCS-System
  • No incidents
  • Delivers commercially dry coke with 14% humidity on a constant basis
  • Only 0.5% (5 to) of coke fines appears in the water settling tank
Double Roll Petroleum Coke Crusher

A result of a 25 years development on Petroleum Coke Crushing.

The principle:

  • Compression crushing Works best when "overloaded"
  • Unlimited swallow capacity; matches any cutting rates in future
  • Direct drive for each roll
  • Logic control

Technical features:

  • No additional manpower required
  • Crushing ratio (10:1) 40" to 4" (typ.)
  • Capacity >1.000 to/hr
  • Construction and material for extreme long life cycle
  • Triple bonded materials (2") against erosion and corrosion attack
  • Fabricated in Germany

Closed system:

  • Inline crusher with telescopic shute
  • Shute automatically raised and connected to drum flange or bottom valve

Supply and services:

  • Customized design and construction
  • Fabrication
  • Field erection supervision
  • Commissioning and start-up assistance
  • Training
  • Spare parts supply